The Nutty Chocolatier Co. Ltd

The Nutty Chocolatier Co. Ltd
3-16050 Old Simcoe Rd, Port Perry, L9L 1P3, Ontario, Canada
CANADA TOLL FREE: 1-888-631-6666
Phone: (905) 985-2210 Please see "Locations" page for store phone numbers
Fax: (905)-985-2747



  SKU Product Our price
1233 2 Foot Santa - Hollow CA$154.99
1201 3D Tree CA$11.29
1222 Bagged Santa Treats CA$2.99
1290 Christmas on a Stick CA$3.79
1252 Christmas Sugarface Suckers CA$3.69
1216 Frosty with Scarf (1/2 side) CA$11.89
1294 Frosty with Scarf (hollow) CA$8.49
1218 Gingerbread Man Sucker CA$3.99
1286 Happy Santa Sucker - Lg CA$4.99
1246 Large Sleigh - filled CA$32.99
16138 Personalized Gift Card PLEASE CALL
1278 Reindeer Sucker -sm CA$2.99