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The Nutty Chocolatier Co. Ltd
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No Sugar Added (NSA)

These chocolates are suitable for some diabetic diets (consult your physician). They are not a calorie reduced product.

They are sweetened with MALTITOL; a sugar alcohol (sometimes sorbitol) and hydrogenated starch.

The recommended daily maximum serving is 2 pieces (50g for candy) because excessive consumption may have laxative effect.

One chocolate is equivalent to one fat and one sugar choice.

  SKU Product Our price
SKU16441 Gift Certificate PLEASE CALL
1294NSAM No Sugar Added - Frosty w/ Scarf (Hollow) CA$10.99
1225NSAM No Sugar Added - Jolly Santa CA$9.69
1263M No Sugar Added - Reindeer Sucker CA$4.39
1261M No Sugar Added - Santa Sucker CA$4.39
SKU164401 No Sugar Added 18 Piece Assorted Chocolate Box CA$34.59
SKU164391 No Sugar Added 9 Piece Assorted Chocolate Box CA$16.69